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Almost every night we go to bed with the terrible news of a new murder of a social leader in the municipality of Buenos Aires, Norte del Cauca.


The failure of Duque's government to implement the Peace Agreement makes from the country a river of blood.


What are we doing as a civil society to stop this?




This page compiles an effort to express our solidarity to make the Municipality of Buenos Aires’ situation visible.

We are a group of indignant citizens over this situation, who are generating images, memes and videos so that they can rotate through the network and social media and counteract the invisibility to which the communities of Cauca are subjected due to the COVID-19 health crisis. As so we can express our solidarity with the adverse circumstance to which they are subjected.

If you wish to join the initiative, you can contact us at:



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Documents, reports and complaints:

INFORME ESPECIAL Situación de emergencia por vulneraciones a los Derechos Humanos en el Departamento del Cauca. Organizaciones de la Mesa Territorial de Garantías en el Departamento del Cauca. Mayo 2020.

Denuncia Pública sobre violaciones de DDHH en el Municipio de Buenos Aires, Cauca. 30 de Abril 2020

CLACSO ofrece curso abierto sobre la Implementación del Acuerdo de Paz


Open letter to the national government and territorial authorities on the formulation and approval of departmental and municipal development plans in times of mandatory isolation.

Report of the social and political coordination Patriotic March. April 2020.


Las Dos Orillas, Interview with Héctor Marino Carabalí Charrupí.



Héctor Marino Carabalí Charrupí

Patricia Carabalí Mozorongo




Adriana García Galán

Alejandra Ardila

Ana Karina Moreno

Claudia Marcela Morales

Elkin Salamanca

Jimena Andrade

Luisa Roa

Natalia Leubro

Paola Donato

Santiago Moreno

Compilation and adaptation of texts:
Ana María Zabala Gómez
Claudia Tovar Guerra
Jimena Andrade
Silvia Valderrama
David Camilo Yanguas Sandoval


Design and graphic layout:
Diego Posada Gómez
Sebastián Cáceres


Video editing:

Jimena Andrade
Santiago Moreno


They show solidarity with this campaign:

- Corporación Claretiana Norman Pérez Bello.

- Naeem Mohaiemen

- Red Conceptualismos del Sur
- Roberto Solarte, GRUPO PENSAMIENTO CRITICO Y SUBJETIVIDAD, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá.


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